Learning From Experience

April 26, 2017

Some experiences in life can be painful.  What would you say a person should do to get through it? a good answer would be to look for resources to assist them to get things back on track and really learn from the experience.  However, in most cases some work harder, some shut down, and often times people forget about this thing called life because no one person is the same as the next. 


My company isn't just about providing various services to people; it's about providing helpful tools with the hope that the person will begin to embrace life again.  It's about the person with the cluttered home that all started due to an illness, or the overworked business owner who wants to do it all but things are starting to slip through the cracks, or the recently widowed man who was hospitalized due to seeing bills piling up because his spouse isn't around anymore.


So we have the experience that created the pain, then it's time to start learning from the experience. What can one do to make life easier? I say to all of my clients to start small and work from there. Committing to donating what you can handle to an organization you love, hiring someone a few hours a week, or learning a very basic filing system. I will admit I am a bit of a workaholic. However, right now I am doing something I love and also hopefully providing some guidance to the people that read this. So the bottom line is that once we begin to reflect and learn, we can start new and get back to a place that makes us feel whole again.



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