As a practicing lawyer, marine corps officer, military judge and educator, for over the past fifty years I have had occasion to come in contact with, counsel, serve with, lead and teach countless young men and women. Of the thousands of young people military and civilian, I have known and observed, I rate Justine in the top one percent for initiative, integrity, intellect, honesty, character, competency, maturity and dependability. 

Robert Switzer-

Justine is trustworthy with any endeavor-your business, finances, banking, your home, your pet, etc. Justine is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. She just doesn't stop until she gets the job done. 

Judith Kettner-

Justine has helped me organize for years. She doesn't judge and is great at helping me maintain my space. 

Jason Noblitt-

Justine is a very creative, innovative lady with many talents! I highly recommend!

Joel Kettner-